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Introduction —

02 - 06
Jessica Angel, in collaboration with TrueBit, is creating an open source, massive public art installation connected to the blockchain in real time.

This public structure will be the starting point for creative interactions and collaborations to happen with creatives from different parts of the world using the blockchain as a creative tool.

We are facing exciting times in the history of humanity, and this project will pay tribute to the greatness of this technology, while proposing a holistic approach to knowledge; where music, art, education, economics, mathematics and philosophy take place under the same roof.


Project —

This first art project proposes building a physical structure that represents the "Dogethereum Bridge". We want to show in the real world the "bridge" TrueBit has built between the Dogecoin and Ethereum blockchains.

Using high impact, immersive and interactive art, in conjunction with the underlying coding and computational workings happening in the Doge-ETH bridge, this project aims to foster community, participation and reflections around the pioneering work in the blockchain ecosystem.

The art installation will be a traveling, penetrable sculpture that will provide an indoor and outdoor experience in the form of sounds, light and design. The surface of the installation will reflect the activity in the Doge-ETH bridge. The sculpture will be the space were creatives will realize their artistic vision.

03 - 06

The starting point to conceptualize the public art structure is the Mobius bridge, designed by Hakes Associates of Bristol, UK. The bridge is abeautiful exploration of Mobius strips, providing a connection between point A and B while maintaining a single, unified surface.

The Mobius strip leads to the construction of a very interesting solid called the Klein Bottle. Klein bottles, like the Mobius strip, have a unified surface. In addition, the Klein bottle provides an enclosed environment perfect for showcasing other artistic work using blockchains.

The Decentralized Art Collective is born out of the necessity to collaborate with people from different fields required to navigate the convergence between art and blockchain. The #ArtProject aims to be a hub that brings together the people capable of unveiling, in profound and creative ways, what it might mean to live in a world where value itself has been reimagined, using the very tools that will make that possible, both to fund ourselves as a sustainable community and to create mind-blowing, heart-opening work.

The Dogethereum bridge art structure will be the forerunner of a new generation of exciting creative projects, and the experimental platform for the creation of this Decentralized Art Collective, whose members are dynamic and whose vision is clear.

04 - 06

Team -

"Everything I do is some kind of modified borrowing from others who have been close to me either actually or virtually, and the virtual influences are amongst the most profound"

- Douglas Hofstadter

Community Advisor




Truebit Founder


Software Engineer


Hardware Engineer


Vancouver Ambassador


Community Advisor


Web Developer


Hardware Artist


Community Contributor


Community Associate


3D Designer


Operations and logistics associate


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Get Involved —

We are looking to hear about your ideas, skills and passions. This project is about fostering collaborations with creators, thinkers, burners, makers, and people excited about technology and art. Get involved by communicating with the team (, sharing your vision and affiliation to these ideas. Anything counts as long as there is passion, rigor and commitment!
Some of the ideas gravitating around the project are (but not limited) to:
  • Software development
  • People interested in connecting the art piece to the blockchain
  • Sound & light interactivity, based on transactions / blocks being created on blockchains
  • Free Form Architecture
  • Video-mapping
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Interactive and generative art
  • Mathematics/ Geometric Computing
  • Cosmology
  • Art DAO
  • Network Topology
  • Art and culture in the blockchain space
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